Documents for Medical Preparedness

When considering estate planning documents, it is important to include advance health-care directives so your family and loved ones have the appropriate guidance to make the desired and responsible health-care decisions should you no longer be able to yourself. While it is difficult to think about injury or falling ill, none of us are immune to medical risks. Further, you have the right to direct your medical care. As such, having the right documentation to define and address your health-care needs and desires is imperative to ensure your caretakers have clear guidelines. State laws vary concerning the legality and enforceability of these documents, so it is best to consult your attorney to determine the appropriate documents to prepare. While you may not fall ill in the state for which your documents are enforceable, at the very least having these documents will provide written evidence of your desired wishes. It is never too early to get these documents in order as it is best to execute them well before any medical needs arise. Lastly, communicating your thoughts on different medical treatments, quality of life and end-of-life care with your family and doctor is critical. The more they know, the easier it will be for them to fulfill your wishes.

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