Since our inception, our commitment to tailoring each portfolio to match the client’s specific financial goals in a customized and personalized manner has never wavered.

Building a thoughtful and comprehensive wealth plan allows us to establish an asset allocation and investment portfolio in line with each client’s particular risk profile, tax sensitivity and balance sheet. Taking our cue from the unique profiles of our clients—including families, foundations and small institutions—we take great pride in providing the very opposite of off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Flexibility and transparency are the foundation for all that we do. We are proactive in our approach to reevaluating and updating our clients’ portfolios on a consistent basis, and our dedicated team of experts believes deeply in the value of developing fruitful, long-term partnerships with the clients we serve.

At Chilton Trust, we don’t simply gather assets. We collaborate, cooperate and communicate. To us, there is no greater service we can provide than comprehensive, personalized solutions specifically designed to serve the best interests of each family.

Our Investment Philosophy

We are dedicated to protecting and growing our clients’ wealth through the creation of portfolios of high-quality investments across asset classes.

Quality Focus

We approach attractively valued markets and securities through a comprehensive understanding of investment strategy and underlying holdings.


Our strategy begins with a measured perspective on the limitations of traditional portfolio theory. We simplify our investment approach by buying high-quality companies utilizing a bottoms-up and top-down analysis, and perform independent credit analysis through our thorough research.

Global Market Experience

We have a time-tested, repeatable investment process that seeks out and finds the highest quality investments across the globe.

Long-Term Partners. Long-View Outlook.

We invest as owners, not renters of stocks. This long-term perspective is rooted in deep investment research and decades of experience, resulting in portfolios that compound efficiently over time.

Our customized investment strategies within equity, fixed income and alternatives share several things in common: a bespoke, goals-based approach; intensive research mixed with deep expertise; and above all, a fundamental focus on high-quality investments.

  • Large-, Mid-, and Small-Cap Stocks
  • Fixed Income: Tax-Advantaged, Taxable, Investment Grade, High Yield and Preferreds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Private Companies
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Liquidity Management
  • Private Equity Funds

Our Investment Philosophy

We understand that managing wealth for our clients involves more than just managing money.


Build a Trusting Relationship with Our Experienced Advisory Team

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